Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A new News site is born!

This site will go away. However, a new site has been born. Please visit!Help me out by spreading the word!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

UPDATE on future - Plan B

I meant for yesterday to be the final post...for many reasons. I have been overwhelmed with support and have spent today in meetings. Through January 19, 2017...monitor this site. Birth may be given to a new, local and re-branded news service. Stay turned.
Seriously, thank you for the calls, emails, and texts. I do however, plan to honor the law firms request.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

This site will end operations by Jan. 19, 2017

I am profoundly disappointed to announce that this will be the final post on this site. On January 13, 2017, I was notified by the law firm of Holland & Knight based in Stamford, CT. that I allegedly infringed on the U.S. Trademarks of Regional News Network. As it turns out, there is a commercial media and TV service in Rye Brook, NY(Westchester County), called Regional News Network and RNN-TV. In the complaint, it was suggested that my free and ad-free site "is and will cause substantial harm to RNN's valuable intellectual property rights" and has created "unfair competition."
I have been demanded to:
  1. cease and desist
  2. destroy all marketing
  3. disable any web pages
These demands must be met by January 19, 2017. In this notice, it said if I didn't comply, they would "assume that you (I) do not want to amicably resolve this matter, and RNN will take all appropriate actions to protect its rights."
Folks, here's the thing- I don't generate a dime from this site; I don't take any advertiser money nor do I advertise the site.
This site has been devoted to bringing quick and accurate news to the area. Never would I have imagined that I was creating an economic hardship for a major media player.
I'm just a small-town guy with a blog. I have neither the resources nor the desire to challenge a NYC metro broadcaster and law firm with multiple offices. I simply can't do it. You've gotta wanna fight...and it's just not in me, considering this is an ad-free, non money-making site. This site ran on passion. As such, I will comply with the demand notice  to end this operation and revenue-free venture. The only money involved was license a domain name, get a fax service, camera, plus my 18 hours a day (free). Why not rename the site? I'd be starting all over again (it's not as easy as it would appear, I'm no longer a keen tech guy). There comes a time when you just put your hands up and say, "I give." I did what I thought was a noble thing. I'm proud of what this site represents and represented, but I'm not willing to do battle with any 'big' dollar company.
I'm sincerely grateful to the many loyal readers over the years. I hope you found this site helpful, informative and useful.
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