Thursday, January 28, 2016

Potter County: Elder Abuse Is Hidden Epidemic; Help Available

Elder abuse” is a crime and sometimes an invisible one. The pain and misery of abuse are not always manifested as visible cuts and bruises. Pilfering of Social Security checks or other types of financial exploitation, self or caregiver neglect, and emotional/physical abuse are examples of cases that have been uncovered locally.
Potter County Area Agency on Aging offers Older Adult Protective Services to those 60 years and older who may be at risk of serious injury, death, financial exploitation, abuse, neglect or abandonment. Services are offered which will reduce or remove the risk to the older adult. Calls of concern are strictly confidential and may be made anonymously. Call 1-800-800-2560 or 814-544-7315 during normal business hours, or call 911 after hours. Potter County recently had its Older Adult Protective Services Program monitored by the Pa. Dept. of Aging and was found to be in full compliance with no deficiencies.