Friday, February 19, 2016

Alleganny County Personnel Committee minutes - election changes pending

February 17, 2016
Committee Members Present: T. O’Grady, D. Root, P. Curran, D. Decker, D. Pullen, C. Crandall (Absent: D. Fanton)
Others Present: L. Ballengee, L. Bliven, S. Burt, D. Healy, R. Hollis, J. Hopkins, C. Jessup, K. LaForge, J. Margeson, T. Miner, B. Riehle, T. Ross, R. Scott, R. Sobeck-Lynch
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:36 p.m. by Personnel Committee Chairman Tim O’Grady.
Approval of Minutes
Elections Commissioner Rick Hollis requested on page 3 to add Commissioner Mike McCormick to the meeting with the Town of Genesee to permanently move the voting site to the library.  A motion was made by Legislator Decker, seconded by Legislator Root, and carried to approve the Personnel Committee minutes of January 20, 2016, as amended.
Board of Elections
School Elections
            Commissioner Rick Hollis reported there have been a number of inquiries about the Board of Elections assisting in school elections. He stated one inquiry came from a school where the Board of Elections uses the school as a voting site.  Mr. Hollis requested permission to assist the schools with their elections.  He reported they already help the Wellsville School District with their elections.  Mr. Hollis stated they would offer other school districts the same agreement they currently have with the Wellsville School District. He noted it would not significantly increase the Board of Elections workload; they would only have to make additional ballots.  Legislator O’Grady asked if all of the schools vote on the same day, and if the Board of Elections would have enough machines to assist them.  Mr. Hollis replied yes, and there are twelve school districts.  He said in the current agreement with Wellsville, the Board of Elections cannot help the school during the year when there is a federal primary election.  This year it is on June 28; and by law, the school revote has to be the fourth Tuesday of June. There is not enough time to ship the machines, and then have them ready for the primary. 
            Legislator Decker asked if the school will provide personnel to help with the elections.  Mr. Hollis stated they have to choose from a list of certified inspectors.  Legislator Healy asked if the Board of Elections would take more inspectors.  Mr. Hollis said yes.  The Board of Elections pays for the training, but the school district hires and pays for the inspectors to work the school election. 
            Legislator O’Grady said he doesn’t have any issues with the Board of Elections assisting the schools.  He said if other schools are interested, they would have the same contract as Wellsville.  Mr. Hollis stated he will survey the other eleven school districts to see who is interested.  Legislator Pullen made the motion to offer the current school voting contract to other Allegany County school districts to assist them in school elections, seconded by Legislator Decker, and carried. 
Village Elections
            Mr. Hollis believes the Village of Angelica is going to have a referendum in March to move their election to November.  If it passes, the Board of Elections would run their elections starting November 2017.   Mr. Hollis noted there is no additional cost to the Board of Elections, but there is an additional cost to the town.  He reported they would probably have to split the Town of Angelica and Village of Angelica. They would have to redistrict in order to do that.   Mr. Hollis said the Village of Cuba is thinking about doing the same thing.  He believes more Villages will follow because they will want to cut costs.  Mr. Hollis said moving the election from March to November will improve voter turnout.  County Treasurer Terri Ross asked how it would affect the terms of the Trustees.  Mr. Hollis replied it would extend their terms.  So, anyone in office would stay until the next election.  The term would start the first of January, instead of April.   Legislator Pullen commented he serves as counsel for the Village of Angelica.  He has worked with Mr. Hollis and has found his knowledge and assistance very valuable.  Legislator Pullen stated this is an example where the County can make things easier for local governments.  He appreciates the assistance of Mr. Hollis and the Board of Elections.
            There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:49 p.m. following a motion by Legislator Decker, seconded by Legislator Root, and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Scott, Secretary to the Clerk of the Board
Allegany County Board of Legislators