Thursday, February 4, 2016

Allegany County: Committee responds to needed fire suppression system at complex

JANUARY 25, 2016
Committee Members Present: D. Pullen, C. Jessup, D. Fanton, K. Graves, A. McGraw, D. Root, N. Ungermann, C. Crandall
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:45 p.m. by Facilities and Communications Committee Chairman David Pullen. 
Legislator Pullen noted that since prior notice had not been given for this special meeting that any members of the Committee could object to it being held to conduct county business. All members indicated that they had no objections to proceeding with the business that needed to come before the Committee.
Fire Suppression System in Public Safety Building
            Lt. Shawn Grusendorf reported that certain work needs to be done at the Public Safety Building on the fire suppression system, and that it is urgent that the proposed contract with SimplexGrinnell for installation of a FM 200 Clean Agent Suppression System be approved.  The proposed pricing of $53,887.04 would cover the cost of replacing the three existing fire suppression systems that no longer comply with MFPA 2001 standards. 
            Members of the Committee asked why this was not included in the earlier estimates of price. Lt. Grusendorf reported that this system was specifically excluded from the specifications and work involved in the refurbishing of the IT area.  The cost exceeds what was estimated due to difficulties related to the location of other services.  Lt. Grusendorf stated that he is confident that there won’t be any additional expenses related to this project.  County Administrator Margeson commented that there is really no alternative to approving this contract and proceeding with this work.
            Following discussion, Legislator Karl Graves moved that the Committee approve the contract with SimplexGrinnell for the purchase and installation of a new FM 200 Clean Agent Suppression System, in accordance with the Specifications provided to Allegany County, including removing and properly disposing of the existing FM 200 gas and cylinders in the situation room, for a maximum total price of $53,887.04.  It was further moved that the resolution be forwarded to the Ways and Means Committee for approval of financing for this contract.  The motion was seconded by Legislator David Pullen and carried unanimously.   Refer to Ways & Means (that Committee also approved the purchase)...
There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m. following a motion by Legislator Graves, seconded by Legislator Fanton, and carried.
Respectfully submitted on January 28, 2016,
David T. Pullen, Chairman
Facilities and Communications Committee