Thursday, February 18, 2016

Allegany County Legislature to vote Feb. 22 on rehab of former jail space - Max price, $1.6 million

The Allegany County Legislature will discuss on Feb. 22 how to proceed with renovating the former jail...3rd floor of the county office building.
Background - information from the Facilities and Communications Committee meeting held Feb. 4, 2016
Facilities-Related Matters - Discussion of LaBella Proposals for Old Jail Space
Legislator Pullen distributed copies of the five different proposals from LaBella. He gave a brief review of the original three proposals, and Options 4 and 5. Option 1 is the total renovation of the third floor including complete demolition for $2,482,642, and we would be able to use the Dormitory Authority of State of New York (DASNY) Grant. Legislator Pullen noted the DASNY Grant is for $250,000. Option 2 is to put in some windows and renovate certain corridors and one area for $300,000, and would not qualify for the DASNY Grant. Option 3 includes window replacement and demolition for $576,662. This option also doesn’t qualify for the DASNY Grant. Option 4 includes renovation of two-thirds of the space for $1,497,902. This option can use the DASNY Grant. Option 5 qualifies for the DASNY Grant, and provides space for the Public Defender’s Office, stairwells, and upgraded restroom areas for $884,520. Legislator Pullen said he spoke with Interim County Administrator John Margeson. Mr. Margeson said the Board has done an excellent job addressing space needs over the last ten years. He believes the two most pressing space needs are with the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Public Defender’s office. He recommends Option 4. He added he knows there are space needs with the Board of Elections, but he thinks there is a potential solution that doesn’t involve the third floor. Mr. Margeson added he would like to speak with the Board of Elections Commissioners before discussing it with the committee. Mr. Margeson distributed a financial summary for Option 4. The estimated cost of Option 4 is $1,497,902. The County has $322,359 in account H5633.200. The DASNY Grant is $250,000. Additional funding necessary is $925,543. Mr. Margeson noted he also considered Option 1, but financially that is a lot of money at this point in time. He believes they should take care of the immediate needs, and then they can renovate the other part of the third floor in the future. Legislator Healy noted the additional space that would be renovated in the future could be completed by the County, or by Alfred State Technical College. Legislator Fanton asked how the County will pay the $1 million. He noted he has suggested taking money from the Facilities & Communications Committee landfill closure. Mr. Margeson said he has two to four different options, but the Ways and Means Committee would have to decide. There was much discussion about the different options. Legislator Fanton was concerned that Option 1 didn’t say anything about replacing windows. Legislator Pullen believes it is included, and said it shows the replacement on the design even though it is not written. Legislator Hopkins wondered if the square footage was accurate because the number of square feet listed doesn’t match the drawing. Legislator Pullen noted they would have to get clarification from LaBella. Legislator Fanton asked if Option 4 included the complete demolition of the third floor. Legislator Pullen didn’t know if it was included. Legislator Jessup noted there wouldn’t be an effect on parking, or building maintenance except janitorial responsibilities. He said he always preferred Option 1, but thought Option 4 would be a good compromise as long as it includes full demolition and all new windows. Chairman Crandall agreed because he doesn’t want to lose the DASNY Grant, and DSS has been one of their key issues. Legislator Decker asked if they were going to do anything with the Courtyard on the third floor. Legislator Pullen stated no. Legislator Decker also asked if moving the DSS Administrative Offices and the Public Defender’s Office upstairs would free up some space. Department of Social Services Commissioner Vicki Grant stated by moving upstairs it will be helpful, but it will not address all of their space needs. She noted the current space for intake is not conducive or safe. However, she noted any new space would be helpful. Legislator Pullen said the space the Public Defender is using in the Health Department would go back to the Health Department. Legislator Jessup made the motion to accept and approve Option 4 as long as it included the full demolition and new windows, seconded by Legislator Graves, and carried.