Friday, February 19, 2016

Allegany County: Ways & Means Committee meeting minutes from Feb. 17

February 17, 2016
Committee Members Present: C. Jessup, P. Curran, D. Healy, K. LaForge, T. O’Grady, D. Pullen, D. Root, C. Crandall (Absent: D. Fanton, K. Graves)
Others Present: L. Ballengee, L. Bliven, S. Burt, D. Decker, L. Gridley, R. Hollis, K. Hooker, J. Hopkins, T. Miner, B. Riehle, T. Ross, R. Scott, R. Sobeck-Lynch
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Ways & Means Committee Chairman Charles Jessup.
Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by Legislator Root, seconded by Legislator Curran, and carried to approve the Ways & Means Committee minutes of February 8, 2016.
Approve Mobility Management Contract with Ardent Solutions
            Interim County Administrator John Margeson requested a resolution to approve an agreement with Ardent Solutions for Mobility Management Services in Allegany County.  Legislator Decker asked who is the Mobility Management Planner.  Legislator O’Grady replied it is Larry Kaminski.  Legislator Pullen noted it was mentioned as a model at the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) Conference.  Legislator LaForge explained that AARP used the transportation system as an example at one of the sessions.  Legislator Healy asked if the County Attorney approves the contract.  County Attorney Tom Miner replied yes.  The request was approved on a motion by Legislator O’Grady, seconded by Legislator Healy, and carried. Prepare Resolution
Local Law Regarding the Office of County Administrator
            County Attorney Tom Miner distributed an amendment of Local Law No. 3 of 1992 to prescribe the qualifications, term of office, powers and duties, and process for removal of the County Administrator based on changes Interim County Administrator John Margeson discussed at a previous Committee of the Whole meeting.  Mr. Miner noted this local law has been amended in the past.  Mr. Miner and Mr. Margeson highlighted the changes that are being amended. In Section 2 it includes the option to enter into a contract with the County Administrator, procedure for removal, and appointment of a specific term.  The term would end December 31, 2018, and the term will be every 4 years.  There will always be a one year overlap with the Board and County Administrator. Under qualifications, the County Administrator does not need to be a County resident when appointed, but must be a resident within 180 days.   In this amendment, the County Administrator is also the Budget Officer. There will no longer be a stipend for this duty. Mr. Margeson added the County Administrator will be evaluated on an annual basis by the Board of Legislators. 
            There was some discussion about the changes to approving individual department budget transfers under the Powers and Duties Section.  The amendment allows the County Administrator to approve transfers within or between any equipment and/or contractual expense of less than $5,000. Currently, the County Administrator can only approve transfers within budgetary accounts, not between. County Treasurer Terri Ross stated she and the previous County Administrator looked into budget transfers. The Comptroller said they would not be allowed to transfer between accounts.  She said they can set the limit differently, but transfers between the accounts needs Board approval because of the way the Budget is adopted.  Mr. Miner said he will look into this, and remove the language.   
            Also under the Powers and Duties Section, Mr. Miner said the County Administrator will now authorize all attendance at conferences, conventions, and schools for the employees and Legislators.  Previously, the Board Chairman made the decision for the Legislators.  Mr. Margeson also noted the original law gave the County Administrator the right to retain legal services for labor relations activities.  The amendment says outside legal services would be approved by the County Attorney.  Chairman Crandall said some of the changes reference the Board.  Therefore, the Board Rules should be changed so it is consistent with the Local Law.  Legislator Healy made a motion to introduce a proposed local law regarding the Office of County Administrator at the next Board meeting, and prepare a resolution to set the public hearing date of March 14, 2016, seconded by Legislator Curran, and carried. Prepare Resolution (Resolution to come off the Floor at 2/22 Board Meeting.)

Human Services
Request Permission to Fill Aging Services Specialist
            The Office for the Aging requested permission to create and fill a full-time Aging Services Specialist (AFSCME, Grade 16, Step 7) position effective March 15, 2016.  The request to fill is contingent on the adoption of the resolution creating the position.  The New York State Department of Health funded Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Support Initiative Grant allows the Office for the Aging to fund this new position.  This position has not been budgeted at the full-time level in the 2016 Budget.  This new Aging Services Specialist position will be filled as long as the New York State Department of Health funding is available.  This positon will allow the Office for the Aging to meet the deliverables for the grant. These are family care consultations and care coordination, education and training programs, respite to offer a temporary reprieve to the caregiver, and support groups.  This grant and position will allow caregivers of persons with Alzheimer and other dementia to be self-sufficient, socialize, and thrive while continuing to care for their loved ones in their own homes.  Legislator Healy noted the position is 100 percent State funded. The request to fill the position was approved on a motion by Legislator LaForge, seconded by Legislator Healy, and carried.  Notify Human Resources
Planning and Economic Development
Approve Agreement with Allegany County Cornell Cooperative Extension
            Allegany County Cornell Cooperative Extension requested approval of an agreement between Allegany County and Allegany County Cornell Cooperative Extension in the amount of $243,000.  Legislator O’Grady asked if it was the same funding level as the previous year.  Legislator Root replied yes.  The request was approved on a motion by Legislator Root, seconded by Legislator Pullen, and carried. Prepare Resolution
Approval of Legislators’ Expense Vouchers
            The Committee reviewed the Legislative expense vouchers for the month of January. A motion was made by Legislator Root, seconded by Legislator O’Grady, and carried to approve the vouchers for payment.
            There being no further business to come before the Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m. following a motion by Legislator Curran, seconded by Legislator LaForge, and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Scott, Secretary to the Clerk of the Board
Allegany County Board of Legislators