Monday, February 15, 2016

Bath firefighters honor members

Saturday evening February 13th, the Bath Volunteer Fire Department held its annual Awards banquet. 2015 was a busy year for firefighters answering 477 calls. This includes Fire, Rescue and EMS assistance and False Alarms. The dedication of the members of this department to the Bath and area communities speaks for itself. Every member is a volunteer and besides answering the calls for an emergency, they also spend countless hours of department and formal training, much of which they are using their own time from their paid jobs. Because of this dedication the following members were given the following awards. 

Firefighter of the Year – David Farr Jr.
David has been a valuable member of the department for many years. He is always willing to do any task he is asked of no matter how menial it may be. In the past year he wanted to take his career to the next level and suppress many of his own fears. With guidance and encouragement from fellow members David graduated the Firefighter 1 class and has gained proficiency to become an interior firefighter which is no small task and takes many hours and testing to complete.

Firefly of the Year (Ladies Auxiliary) – Tiffany Washburn
Tiffany is always there pitching in for any event. She works the kitchen at all the BINGO’s, ready to help prepare food and drink at big emergency calls or help at any fundraising event. Recently she has been going through many adversities in her life but remarkably this has not held her back. She is a brave woman that cares deeply for others and always puts them first.

Jr. Firefighter of the Year – Tyler Smalt
Tyler is always at the station helping doing anything he can. He is extremely interested in becoming a regular member and works hard for when that day comes. On big fires the juniors will setup a staging area for tools and spare air bottles, help interior firefighters swap out air bottles when empty, setup lighting and generators, hand out water to keep personnel hydrated and are absolutely one of our most valuable assets.
The following awards were also given:

Years of Service
50 – Ronald Orme
45 – Less Moss
40 – Steven Dungan
35 – Ron Delio
30 – Michael Monroy
25 – Mark Conrad
15 – Joe Washburn, Bob Celino, Anthony Cilino, Matt Glashauser, Larry Storm, and Brian Lewis.
5  – Shannon Dowdle, Kyle Vangelder, Matt Thompson, and Joshua Ames.
1 – Chris Ward

Most Improved Jr. Firefighter – Harry Keen
Most Training Hours – Brian Lewis - 446
Ernie Kelly Award – Harry Keen
Respectfully Submitted,
John Conrad Sr.
Public Information Officer
The Bath Volunteer Fire Dept.