Monday, February 1, 2016

Comments "harsh" on Rigas prison release

On January 31, 2016, the Buffalo News printed a front-page story on John Rigas, the former CEO of Adelphia Communications and Wellsville native. The frail 91-year old has a cancer-riddled body, according to reports. Those same reports suggest Rigas will die soon  He has served 2/3 of his 12 year federal prison sentence for conspiracy and fraud. The article points out that attempts to secure a "Compassionate Release" for a terminally ill man have been unsuccessful. PA Congressman "GT" Thompson appeared to at least consider the issue...NY Congressman Tom Reed was not no interested, according to the Buffalo News.
What is most striking, beyond the brilliantly written piece, are the comments posted on the Buffalo News site.
- I can't believe that this was WORTHY of putting this story and this crook's picture on the front page of the News. He has his son to care for him where he is at and should not have a early release.

- He ruined and/or bankrupted tens of thousands or more, including people I know. Rot dirtbag, rot.

- Let him rot away!!!! He didn't care about the people. You still owe my family 1000's of dollars, while your family have millions by what you did. Go To H***. I hope you suffer a painful death. Isn't Karma a b****!!!!
The Potter-Leader Enterprise plans to print its own, independent story on the issue. While offering no opinion on the matter and never having an investment with Adelphia, it just seems that the posted comments are wickedly severe, cruel even. Then again, I wasn't a "victim" of his crimes and can't begin to appreciate the financial loss. You can read the article for yourself and draw your own conclusion. The Buffalo News story is HERE.