Friday, February 26, 2016

Genesee Township Secretary/Treasurer resigns - cites toxic, hostile environment

Soloman's Words original posting -
Dear Genesee Township Supervisors & Residents,

It is with much regret that I am informing you of my immediate resignation as Secretary/Treasurer of Genesee Township.
Not only is it unconscionable for me to work in such a hostile environment, it is also physically and mentally debilitating to work under such stressful circumstances. In addition to the ongoing ridicule and harassment, the most recent disregard to principal, ethic, law, and employee safety, has encouraged me to remove myself from this toxic arena.
This decision has proven to be most difficult. With it, I am relinquishing so many things that I have treasured. For example: I have always gotten great satisfaction from assisting our residents and building relationships with them. I absolutely loved developing and sharing the Genesee Community Newsletter.
I was proud to represent Genesee Township and Potter County on the PSATS Secretary/Manager Committee. My presence on this committee gave a voice to our rural area north of Interstate 80.
I have felt honored to be the President of the Potter County Township Officials Association for the last several years. I was gratified to sit on Potter County's committees when they needed insight from the municipal level. My position at Genesee Township has always been a matter of heart.
Perhaps that is why resigning grieves me so.
In closing, I have left behind a handbook for multiple processes. I have developed a guide for the time sensitive things such as reports, advertising, budget preparing, etc.---They can be found in the top left drawer of the desk. I built a file for the necessary steps to take in replacing the secretary—it can be found in the Personnel drawer of the filing cabinet.
Best Regards,
Susan Williams