Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hornell Mayor: Please sign up for CodeRED service

(Hornell) City residents are urged to register their cell phone numbers for the CodeRED emergency notification system. “This morning we sent out an alert to City residents informing them of the power outage caused by a fire at the power station. Of the 3,189 calls that went out, 1,480 did not connect. During a power outage, some landlines will not work. It is important to also register your cell phone numbers.” said Mayor Hogan.
In addition to emergencies, the City uses the CodeRED system to update residents on storms, snow plowing, parking bans and hydrant flushing.
To sign up, or update your information, go to and click on the “CodeRed” logo on the home page. If you don’t have computer access, call the City Clerk’s office for assistance.
“We can’t keep you informed if we can’t reach you.”