Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Potter County Office Gearing Up For Next Election

Potter County Elections/Voter Registration Director Sandy Lewis is gearing up for the April 26 Primary Election. Of local interest, registered Republicans will be choosing a County Chairman as well as a committee members for each voting district. Candidate petitions are available at Director Lewis’s office in the Gunzburger Building  in Coudersport and must be filed no later than Feb. 16. Petitions for the chair position require at least 100 valid signatures of registered Republicans. Ten signatures are needed on the petitions for committee seats. The chairmanship and all committee seats have been vacant for some time, and efforts are underway to rebuild the Potter County Republican Committee. No local offices will appear on the Democratic ballot.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Potter County will have a voice in deciding party nominations for President, U.S. Senator, State Senator, U.S. Congress Member, Representative in the Pa. General Assembly, and several statewide offices. Although the April 26 ballot has not yet been finalized, it appears that a statewide voter referendum that raises the mandatory retirement age of judges from the current 70 to 75 will be presented to voters. A separate referendum expected to appear on statewide ballot is a constitutional issue affecting the Philadelphia Traffic Court. More information will be available in the coming weeks on the two referendums.

Voters have until March 28 to register, change party affiliation or report a change of address. Absentee ballot applications, available on the county website,, will be accepted through April 19. Ballots must be received no later than April 22. Polls will be open on April 26 from 7 am to 8 pm. Voters who are not affiliated with the Republican or Democratic parties will only be able to cast ballots on any statewide referendums. Anyone with questions should call 814-274-8467.