Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reed to Governor: Use Federal Highway Funds for 219

Press release:
Congressman Tom Reed continued to fight for jobs by urging the Governor to complete Route 219. “We care about making sure our roads are up to the task of creating and sustaining a 21st Century economy,” said Reed. “Now that the Federal government has passed a long term highway funding plan, it’s only fair that the state does its part and makes those funds available to complete Route 219.”
Reed recently sent a letter to Governor Cuomo to urging him to use state administered Federal highway funding for the completion of Route 219. The letter requests that New York State use a portion of its federal highway funding from the $305 billon transportation funding bill, which was enacted late last year, for the completion of the highway.  
“Route 219 plays a critical role to the economy of our region, and to the state as a whole,” said Reed. “We must come together regardless of party and push this project over the finish line.” 
In addition to the $1.8 billion that will go to New York annually, the bill also sets aside $4.5 billion to fund projects with national or regional importance, with a quarter of that amount specifically designated for rural areas. 
“During the process, we worked closely with Chairman of the Transportation Committee, Bill Shuster from Pennsylvania to ensure that rural areas, like our region, received a fair share of federal dollars for our roads and bridges because it was the right thing to do,” said Reed.
The bill was designed to fund maintenance and improvements on local highway systems and bridges through 2020, without raising federal taxes. It was first long-term highway funding bill in nearly a decade.