Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SBU president reveals cancer diagnosis - Olean Times Herald

St. Bonaventure University President Sister Margaret Carney revealed today she is battling cancer.

Last month, Carney announced she is stepping down as the university’s president on July 31 before going on a one-year sabbatical.“Shortly after announcing my decision, I met with my doctor to review results of tests taken several weeks earlier,” Carney wrote in an email to the university community. “His news that day was not good. ... I learned that day, and later had confirmed with other testing, that I have multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood causing abnormal plasma cells to collect themselves in bones and the bone marrow. It is something I am still getting used to writing and saying out loud.”

Carney has undergone several tests at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and will begin this week an intensive course of drug therapy that may extend for six months.
“My medical team assures me that I will be able to continue to fulfill my role as long as I somewhat reduce my schedule. This will cause me to slow my 80 mph daily speed to a more respectable 55 mph. It will also cause me to make schedule choices to protect me from exposure to anything contagious, as the therapy will weaken my immune system,” she wrote. 
Carney, the university’s fourth-longest-serving president, assumed her leadership role at St. Bonaventure in 2004. She succeeded Dr. Robert Wickenheiser, who resigned in 2003 amidst a SBU basketball player eligibility scandal, as the institution's 20th president.
“It will come as no surprise to anyone that I intend to do everything possible to win this battle with cancer. I will also find in this many opportunities to ponder the fundamentals of the faith with which I was gifted in baptism,” she wrote.

SBU president reveals cancer diagnosis