Friday, February 26, 2016

Wellsville Area Chamber selects new Executive Director

Press release:
It is with great pleasure that the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. announces that Brian Perkins has accepted the role of the executive director, effective in mid-March.
During the selection process, Brian significantly impressed the members of the search committee with not only his knowledge and aptitude, but also his personality and ability to relate. As executive director, Brian will serve as chief operational officer for a Chamber of Commerce proud if it’s 107 year history and it’s 225 current members.  Brian will serve under the direction of the 13 member board of directors who represent the Wellsville area  business and service population.
Brian joins us from a successful stint  at Ardent Solutions. He is a lifelong resident of Andover, New York. Brian is married and the father of two sons. More to follow.

Neil F. Benedict, President
Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc.