Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Winners Emerge at Scholastic Challenge

Scholastic Challenge was held on Saturday, February 6, at Portville Central School.  The annual event -- sponsored by Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES – featured more than 41 teams of students from Grades 6-12, who competed in junior and senior divisions.  The top two teams in each division were:

Junior Division

First Place - Cuba-Rushford Red

Pictured are: Julius Korytkowski, Jordan Alles, Landon Wight, Connor Whitney, Hailey Kumpf, and Coach John Butler.

Second Place - Fillmore Green

Shown are: Andrew Hotchkiss, Kieran Kelley, Aaron Buck, Greg Montesano, Janae Sylor, with coaches Bill Kelley and Mary Kay Kelley

Senior Division

First Place - Ellicottville Maroon

Pictured are: Victor Reiman, Robert Spell, Will Timkey, Shelby Toth, and Coach Ann Chamberlain.

Second Place - Wellsville Scholastic Cats

Shown are: Jason Greene, Josh Cook, Alyssa Greene, Austin Winans, Bryce Davis, and Coach Diane Willard.
Scholastic Challenge is a fast-paced contest which tests knowledge of academic trivia.  Teams of four students measured their ability to recall details from a wide variety of topics in a double-elimination contest.  Thousands of questions were read aloud to ambitious contestants throughout the day.