Monday, March 28, 2016

Allegany County: Lawmakers approve required pay hike for DA

By a 10-5 vote, the Allegany County Legislature this afternoon approved a required pay increase for District Attorney Keith Slep. Under state law, when salaries increase for judges, district attorney's are mandated to received the same salary. Public Defenders are jot included in the pay bump. In previous years, the state has absorbed the increase so local governments didn't have to. Under the pending state budget, yet to be approved, the state hasn't set aside funds to cover the increase. Last week, the New York State Association of Counties called on the state legislature to cover the increase to avoid another 'unfunded mandate.' Voting against the resolution today were legislator's Scott Burt, David Decker, Karl Graves, David Pullen, and Norman Ungermann, Jr.. Beginning Friday, the DA's annual salary increases to $183,350.