Monday, March 14, 2016

Allegany County: Legislature Chairman responds to landfill closure rumors

Curt Crandall, Chair of the Allegany County Legislature issued the following press release Monday (3/14/16):

In response to questions and inaccurate rumors, I would like to clarify the position and intent of the Allegany County Board of Legislators regarding the operation of the County Landfill, Transfer Stations, and Recycling Program.

Since the 1980s, Allegany County has operated a County-owned Landfill on County Road 48 in the Town of Angelica. The Landfill has nine cells, and each cell has taken approximately three and a half years to fill. Over the past ten years plus, the Allegany County Legislators have been aware of the fact that the County-owned facility would be filled to capacity and no longer be an option for the disposal of our trash. Engineering studies have been done to see if it was feasible to expand and create another cell or another separate Landfill on our property, but due to soil conditions and other factors, that cannot happen. So, as predicted, and stated many times for several years, the County-owned Landfill will be filled to capacity within a few months.

As this time approached, the Legislators, Public Works Department, and contracted engineering consultants have been laying the groundwork for plans that would continue the service of taking care of the trash produced in Allegany County just as the people have been accustomed to for many years. On January 14, 2016, a Request for Proposal was sent out that would give the County firm figures for the disposal of the trash at an alternate site once our Landfill is filled.  On February 12, 2016, the County received and opened bids for the RFP, one from the Steuben County Facility in Bath, one from Hyland Landfill in Angelica, and one from Waste Management in Chaffee.  A resolution awarding contracts to all of these agencies will be considered at the March 28 Board meeting.  The intention of Allegany County is as follows:

  1. Continue operation of the Transfer Stations as they have been in the past. When the trash leaves the Transfer Station, it will be hauled to one of the three facilities mentioned above, and the public will see little or no difference in service.
  2. The current fee structure for the use of the Transfer Stations will remain in effect until March of 2017.  As the County operates the system by hauling to other facilities, they will have more accurate figures for operational costs and adjust the fee structure as necessary in the future. These fees will be announced and posted in advance of any changes.

  1. We will continue to operate our recycling program, and Allegany County calls on businesses and residents to be good environmental stewards and recycle all that they can. This not only helps the environment but helps offset operational costs for the County, and most recyclable materials can be disposed of at no cost to the user.
  2. While operating the County-owned Landfill, the Legislature had in place a Flow Control Law which meant that all trash produced in Allegany County had to be disposed of at a County facility. By no longer having a Landfill of our own, the Local Law directing this will be amended to remove that wording. This allows anyone to take their trash where they wish within the County or elsewhere.
  3. In order to change the Local Law pertaining to Flow Control, a public hearing will be held on March 14.  A pre-filed resolution amending our current Local Law will be addressed upon completion of the environmental review process. 

The bottom line is this:  Allegany County will be taking the trash from the Transfer Stations to a facility other than the County Landfill for disposal, and the people using the Transfer Stations will see little or no difference in the service.

If you have questions beyond these simple facts, please contact me at the number above, one of my fellow Legislators, or the Public Works Department at 585-268-9230.