Saturday, March 26, 2016

Allegany County: Legislature to amend duties of County Administrator

When the Allegany County Legislatures meets Monday afternoon (3/28/16), they'll likely amend a twenty-four year old law. The 1992 statute deals with the powers and duties of the County Administrator. The law also covered issues such as qualifications and residency requirements. The county is currently searching for a new Administrator. In other expected action on Monday:
  1. The Board will be asked to exempt the Sheriff's Operations Lieutenant and Narcotics Investigators from the county vehicle use policy. If approved, those officers will be permitted to drive official vehicles to and from their homes.
  2. The Board will ask the State Legislature to increase the local share of revenue of revenues retained by counties for providing DMV services. Currently, the state keeps 87.3 percent of all fees collected. The county wants a larger slice for doing most of the work.
  3. Approve spending $156,000 for the purchase of six vehicles. If approved, the Sheriff's Office, Health Department and Office for the Aging would each get two new vehicles.
  4. Accept $11,105 in restitution funds from the Village of Alfred court. The money will come from three college students who destroyed a Sheriff's Office speed trailer on the Alfred University campus.
  5. The Board will also be asked to award contracts to Casella Waste Disposal, Steuben County and Waste Management. The move would allow Allegany County to dispose of its trash at each of the three locations once the Allegany County landfill is closed.