Thursday, March 17, 2016

Allegany County Probation Department 2015 annual summary

2015 Summary of the Activities of the Allegany County Probation Department

Intake - The unit screened 48 new cases in the areas of Custody, Visitation, Support, Juvenile Delinquency and Persons In Need of Supervision during 2015.

Investigations - A total of 329 Pre-Dispositional, Pre-Plea, and Pre-Sentence investigations were ordered by the County, Justice and Family Courts in 2015.

Supervision - At year’s end, 399 individuals were on probation supervision in Allegany County. The criminal courts accounted for 355 cases. There were 44 active Family Court supervision cases.

Collections - The total collections for the year were $155,246.86. This total includes restitution in the amount of $69,273.67 to victims of crime. The Department opened 230 new accounts in 2015.

Staff Development – All staff either met or exceeded the 21 training credit hours they are required to have. 

Pre Trial Release – 819 defendants screened; 209 defendants interviewed; 73 defendants released under supervision during 2015.

Community Service Sentencing Program – 32 offenders screened. 30 offenders received into the program. They completed 368.50 hours of community service work. 

Electronic Home Monitoring – Forty-six (46) new defendants ordered to EHM in 2015. The Department monitored a total of 60 defendants in 2015. Offender EHM fees collected in 2015 amounted to $14,162.50.

3R Domestic Violence Treatment Program – Forty-four (44) defendants referred; 27 evaluations completed; 37 defendants entered the program; 9 successful completions in 2015.

Ignition Interlock- The Department received 53 new Ignition Interlock orders. Thirteen (13) defendants installed a device.

Thinking for a Change (T4C)- Six adults successfully completed one cycle. Twelve others were in the midst of a cycle at the end of 2015.

Sex Offender Treatment Program- Twenty-one (21) offenders in groups at the end of 2015. Fifty (50) total sex offenders on supervision at end of 2015.

Ready, Set, Work-  Six (6) individuals successfully graduated from this program in 2015. Three of them are now employed.

Internship Program- The Department hosted five (5) interns in 2015.
This Department’s Criminal Court Supervision caseload as of 12-31-15 was:
Felony Probationers - 160 
Misdemeanor Probationers - 174
Pre-Disposition cases - 21
Total - 355
There are two measures by which to assess the effectiveness of probation supervision.  They are discharges and violations of probation.
During 2015 the number of Probation Violations that were filed is as follows:
New Offense filed: 22
Technical Violations filed: 33
(violations of one of more probation conditions)
Total filed: 55
In early 2004 Allegany County started planning for the development of a Drug Court. Probation Supervisor Scott Grantier currently represents this Department on the Drug Court Team.
The Allegany County model is a Post-Plea Court with deferred sentencing and Interim Probation Supervision. The Allegany County Drug Treatment Court will target county residents with a demonstrated history of drug or alcohol abuse or dependence, and who have committed crimes in the County.  The crimes must be non-violent, drug or alcohol motivated.  Examples of target crimes would be DWI, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, Larceny, etc.
The individual reports directly to the Court on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis depending on which phase of treatment they are in.  Additionally, the defendants, if not in a residential treatment program, are supervised by the Probation Department for a minimum of a one year interim supervision (to include 3-6 months of Electronic Home Monitoring), with the focus on treatment with immediate sanctions by the Court for non-compliance.
Our program maximum capacity is 35.
As of 12-31-15 there were 31 active Interim Probation Supervision Drug Court cases (30 felonies and 1 misdemeanor).

Respectfully submitted,
Robert P. Starks
Director of Probation