Thursday, March 10, 2016

Andover: Village voters to act as jury for the future of village court

On March 15, voters in the village of Andover will have the rare responsibility of deciding the future of the Andover Village Court. The village board is proposing to abolish its court system, which would spell the elimination of the village justice and court clerk. As a result, the Andover Town Court would hear all criminal, traffic and civil cases originating in both the village and town. The Daily Reporter said that, according to Mayor David Truax, the village would save about $10,400 annually. Court costs would then transfer to the town board. The move would spread the overall court operations to a "townwide" expense, meaning taxpayers in the village and town would share the burden of the single court cost. However, the town court would enjoy potential increased revenue, potentially offsetting any increased court costs.
Heather Simon, a town board member, told RNN "clearly the town can't control this. We (the town board) have discussed this. I hope we can break even (if the measure is approved), but no one can predict revenue." The Andover ballot issue is part of a statewide attempt to consolidate services.