Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BREAKING: Armed man in Olean, active shooter

This story is happening right now…there’s an active shooter situation in the city of Olean. Numerous reports say a 43-year old man is barricaded in small apt. near Buffalo & Washington Streets. Radio reports say a 61 year old male was shot and has been flown to the hospital. A 2nd helicopter is on standby. SWAT teams are setting up. It’s unclear how this all unfolded…but its been in progress since shortly after 11. City police are being supported by deputies and state police. Local residents are being urged to avoid the area.
 UPDATE, 4:49 p.m.-Gunman says he is thinking about surrendering...
 6:17 p.m.- Standoff has finally ended after 7 hours. Suspect now in custody. Shooting victim listed as "stable" at Erie County Medical Center.