Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cuba Police help boy with seizure disorder

From the Cuba Police department:
Today we received this card in the mail. The photo is of a young local kid named Christopher. The Cuba Police Department was fortunate enough to meet Christopher a little over a year ago. Christopher lives day to day with a seizure disorder. Because of this disorder Christopher does not know when a seizure will occur but can have them often. The Cuba Police Department decided to donate money from a fundraiser we held to help obtain a mobility seizure alert companion for Christopher. As you can see from the photo Christopher was successful in receiving his new companion "Midnight". We are proud to be able to have helped in a small way. If you are able we would like to encourage anyone who reads this to do their part to help someone else in need. It doesn't take much and the rewards are endless. If anyone is interested the nonprofit organization is and they are certainly a worth while cause!