Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Elmira Correctional on lockdown

Elmira, NY – The Elmira Correctional Facility was placed on lockdown today following serious blood exposure at the facility as a result of an assault on an inmate. This lockdown follows a string of violent incidents in recent weeks that have left both inmates and officers injured.
Manuel Lopez, an inmate at the facility, was assaulted and stabbed by two inmates, Benjamin Pedroza and Miguel Perez, while en route to the prison’s religious services. Lopez was discovered in a stairwell by corrections officers and immediately taken for medical attention.

This assault follows last week’s incident where a corrections officer was stabbed multiple times and sustained serious injuries while trying to break up a fight between two inmates.

In 2016, there have already been 49 unusual incidents at the Elmira Correctional Facility. These unusual incidents include four assaults on prison staff, 15 inmate assaults, and over 30 weapons and drugs being discovered on the premises. The lockdown will allow for a comprehensive frisk and search of the facility to ensure there is no further contraband or weaponry in the prison.

Similar to Elmira, correctional facilities in Orleans and Cayuga counties have also been placed on lockdown as a result of increased violence and contraband.

Orleans Correctional Facility was placed on lockdown last week on March 12th following the discovery of serious contraband. Similarly, Auburn Correctional Facility was placed on lockdown to frisk and search one cellblock of the facility following the discovery of a large number of weapons.

“The lockdown at Elmira, and at the facilities in Orleans and Auburn, speaks to the increased levels of violence and contraband we are continuing to see in our prisons,” said Joe Miano, Vice President of the Western Region, “To maintain proper order and a level of safety for both officers and inmates, we need better technology to help us screen for this contraband and more importantly, we need a sufficient number of properly trained and equipped officers. Without adequate staffing, we will continue to see the shocking level of violence we now have in our prison system.”