Wednesday, March 30, 2016

‘Framework’ Comes Together For NY State Budget

A framework of an agreement on the state budget is in place that would increase New York’s minimum wage to $15 over a number of years in different regions while also providing a $1 billion tax cut for joint filers earning under $300,000, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this afternoon.

The budget is also expected to include a 12-week paid family leave program as well.

Cuomo, in a gaggle with reporters on Wednesday afternoon, said the ball was essentially in the court of rank-and-file state lawmakers.

“The conversations with the (Assembly and Senate) leaders were good,” Cuomo said. “We’ll now see what the conference says to them. I feel very good about where the conversations ended up.”

The minimum wage would increase in different regions across the state at different time periods. The wage is due to increase the fastest in New York City, where it will grow from $9 to $15 by 2018. After three years, a “safety” valve will kick in for the upstate wage to determine if it should continue to increase. That determination will be made by the state Division of Budget, an arm of the governor’s administration.

“We’re going to do it in a way that stimulates the economy and certainly doesn’t hinder the economy, especially in upstate New York,” Cuomo said.

As for non-profit organizations that contract with the state, those that demonstrate a “hardship” could be eligible for a rate adjustment if the wage increase proves to be a problem, Cuomo said.

‘Framework’ Comes Together For State Budget