Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wild police chase ends in Scio

A wild police chase finally ended on the railroad tracks in Scio about 2 a.m. The pursuit was initiated by Wellsville Police. The chase went from state route 19 to county road 9, state route 417, Yeager Hill, back down county road 9, crossing to county road 10 and through side streets in Scio. The chase ended when the driver went down about 1,000 yards on railroad tracks on route 19. The driver is believed to be a Scio man who may have been having some emotional issues. After the car finally stopped, the driver took off on foot, running through thick brush. State Police had joined the pursuit and after the vehicle was ditched, a K-9 unit was requested. As of 3 a.m. the suspect had not been taken into custody.
According to radio reports during the pursuit, the driver also drove though fields and taunted police by "doing doughnuts" in the highway.
The Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad Police Chief also responded to assess any damage.