Thursday, March 31, 2016

Willing: Barn collapses, 3 seriously injured

There was a multi-state response Thursday afternoon when strong winds caused the roof of a barn under construction to collapse at 41 Fitzstephens Road in Willing, near the Pennsylvania state line. First responders said three people were badly injured. Medics said falls included heights of 30 feet. Injuries included a severe head injury and a severe leg fracture. Responders came from Wellsville and Genesee (PA) ambulances, Medical Transport, Wellsville Rescue and Willing Fire. Initially, three medical helicopters were called to the area, however, violent winds did not provide a safe landing zone near the scene. Mercy Flight helicopter landed at the Willing Highway facility on state route 19, while Life Net, supported by Wellsville fire, landed at the helipad in the village of Wellsville. A third patient, who did not want to be flown, was taken to Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville.
The call was dispatched at 2:09 p.m. During the 2 p.m. hour, winds were gusting at the Wellsville Airport in excess of 50 mph.