Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wyoming County: Judge says murder suspect is competent to stand trial

A Wyoming County woman accused of killing her husband and burying his body in a pile of manure is competent to stand trial.
Charlene Mess, of Attica, faces charges for stabbing her 52-year-old husband, Douglas, with a pitchfork and shooting him in the back of the head last April.
Today, Wyoming County District Attorney Donald O'Geen made this statement:
We are pleased by the court’s decision as it formalizes what we have been saying all along which is that she is clearly competent to stand trial.  The evidence of her competency was overwhelming.  This decision allows the case to move forward so that we can bring justice to Mr. Mess’s family.  This matter is now scheduled for April 7 for an appearance to schedule a Huntley hearing.  The sole purpose of that hearing is to determine whether the statements she made to any public servant was made knowingly, voluntarily and within the rules of Miranda.  This hearing was previously scheduled but had to be postponed due to the competency issue.  I anticipate the hearing will be sometime in May.
Donald O’Geen
Wyoming County District Attorney
This was the court ruling: