Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cuba PD looks to expand body camera program

The Cuba Police Department has become the first Police Department in New York to register on the newly launched website This is a new trend for smaller village and town police departments in remote areas that need body cameras but can't get funding. This website facilitates community donations of body cameras to departments that need them. This department is hoping to get donations for 18 law enforcement quality police body cameras.   
Chief Dustin Burch is coordinating this department's body camera program effort and can be reached at (585) 968-1666 or you can reach at 323-962-1061 ext. 113.
Why this is relevant news-
The main obstacle most departments face to starting a body camera program is cost. Police Body Cameras are in high demand with all of the national news coverage about police involved incidents in the news lately. A lot of news focus is on the bigger departments that have received Federal grants for this technology, but no one is focusing on the smaller village and town police departments in remote areas that don't have the budget for this new technology. This is especially problematic for small departments in states where the technology has been made mandatory. We're trying our best to give these smaller departments a way to help put a body camera on every police officer. You can find out more about our organization at
Body Cameras are also a community safety story as well. Body Cameras have been proven to reduce officer complaints and litigation against departments, so they are a worthy investment that will save valuable community funds.  Departments find that cameras help with transparency and keeping both officers and the public better behaved because they know their actions are being recorded.