Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just thoughts...road rage in busy Wellsville...or your town?

This isn't a news story as much as it is some random observations from the village of Wellsville. But it can happen in Anytown, USA. I observed three "near road-rage" incidents in Wellsville today. Amazing. While this can happen anywhere, this post focuses on the tiny village of Wellsville...a place where people need to 'get there...right now.' Two of the incidents occurred on Park Avenue where it dumps onto Madison Street and the busy Genesee Parkway intersection. There is apparently a NYS law that says you can't block side streets. I observe that. As I drove past Giant Food Mart early today, observing a red light, I stopped...allowing other motorists to gain access to Community Bank. Apparently, the "gentleman" behind me was displeased that I provided a 30 foot turning space...and began blasting his horn. It appeared that the .000015 foot space I left open would delay his forward progress .000000000000007 seconds. Late for work? Set the alarm earlier, I say. He was shaking his arms and "gesturing." I smirked. Then, during the noon hour, a similar situation  occurred. A motorist attempted to access the bank but was blocked by a busy, rushed motorist. Again, arms waved. In this case, I almost reached for my cell to dial 911 because it was turning ugly. Lastly, on North Main Street on the approach to (again) the Genesee Parkway...traffic blocked vehicles from turning. Horns honked, "fingers" waved...and I chuckled. Really, is there anywhere in the village of Wellsville where 15 seconds matter?
While I post Wellsville adventures...every community is exposed to the same problem...'people who need to be there...right now.' Take a breath, back away from the coffee...and enjoy small town life. Concerned about traffic...try living where there is actual traffic! Final're just not that important to be anywhere...NOW.
Commentary only...