Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Legislator Graves: God and prayer belong back in school

On Monday, the Allegany County Legislature approved displaying the phrase "In God We Trust" inside the legislative chambers. During discussion, Legislator Karl Graves (R-Andover) took it one step further. Graves said he believes God and prayer belong back in schools. He released the following statement to RNN:
I believe in God and I believe that he has a place in our lives.  I was glad to see the willingness of our leadership to bring the motto “In God We Trust” into our Legislative Chambers.  
I think it’s a shame that He has been driven from our schools.  It’s my opinion that since He has been banned from our schools we’ve seen more violence within their walls, mass shootings, drug use, sexual assaults, binge drinking, tattoos, body piercings and a general lack of respect for our school administrators and teachers.  I think that these things would be less likely to happen if prayer were allowed in our schools. Not all kids are bad. I just think it would be a better example if He were allowed within the walls of our schools. 
Thank you, 
Karl Graves