Friday, April 22, 2016

McKean County court news

A Bradford woman received both jail and probation when she was sentenced Thursday in McKean County court. A judge ordered 28-year old Kristen Demis to serve up to 18 months in jail. She’ll also spend three years on probation. Demis had been charged with two counts of retail theft, escape and resisting arrest.

21-year old Christina Kohlmeier of Bradford was sentenced yesterday to up to a year in the county jail. A judge also directed her to make $1,900 in restitution. Kohlmeier stole that amount from Goodwill when she worked there last year.

A judge has ordered a Bradford teen to pay the court nearly $6,300 after he and others went on a two-day mischief spree. 19-year old Bandon Stoltz will also be on probation for a year. Last September, Stoltz and crew traveled throughout McKean County damaging street signs, mailboxes and private property.