Friday, April 22, 2016

Staff from Cattaraugus County Participate in Statewide Training Program

Photo:  Upon completion of the Basic Civil School, Sergeant Clark Parry (center left) and Deputy Joseph Miller (center right) from Cattaraugus  County receive their certificates from Albany County Undersheriff William Cox (left) and Sheriffs’ Institute Executive Director Chris O’Brien (right).
Albany, NY –The New York State Sheriffs' Association Institute held a week-long Basic School for deputy sheriffs and civilian staff of Sheriffs' Offices last week at the Albany County Courthouse in Albany, NY. Deputies and other staff from Sheriffs' Offices around the State attended the program, including Sergeant Clark Parry and Deputy Joseph Miller from Cattaraugus County.
Sponsored and organized by the Sheriffs’ Institute, the five-day program provides participants with training in the latest advances in civil law enforcement and a forum to discuss current civil law enforcement issues and share best practices.
All Sheriffs have civil law enforcement functions, which include the service of process and enforcement of judgments and other court orders and mandates.  The school is required for counties seeking to earn accreditation of their civil office from the New York State Sheriffs’ Association.