Monday, April 18, 2016

Fire news: Two Wellsville Engine Companys agree to merge - UPDATED

From the Genesee Hose Company Facebook page:
It is official...The Genesee Hose Company (left pic) will be merging with the McEwen Hose Company (right pic). This time next year we will be operating as one. Thank you to the merger committee for your time and research to allow members to make an informed decision.
Jeff Luckey is the Allegany County Fire Coordinator. He told RNN that while he was not involved in the merger talks, he said each fire company "faces their own challenges." He noted that if it is in Wellsville's best interest, then that's what matters. Luckey did note that the RecuitNY recruitment campaign was coming up this weekend (which we will feature in a separate post), and volunteers of "all skills are needed."
RNN has not received returned calls yet from those on the "merger committee" in Wellsville. One veteran firefighter noted that money/budget issues are a concern. "The future is uncertain," he said.