Saturday, April 23, 2016

United Way of the Bradford Area Expands to Port Allegany

The United Way of the Bradford Area, Inc. (UWBA), which has proudly served the Bradford community for 90 years and the Smethport community for four, has welcomed the opportunity to now aid the Port Allegany area, as well, officials announced Friday. The transition will become official at the end of this month with the dissolution of the Port Allegany United Fund.
“We respect what the Port United Fund has provided to the residents of that area for so long, and recognize the continued need for the services and programs supported by the annual appeal. We are looking forward to working collaboratively with the community on continuing a successful fundraising effort,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.
Davis says that, with the inclusion of the new territories, the UWBA will be managing three separate campaigns. As is the case in the Bradford area as well as the Smethport area, the money raised by the residents and businesses of and in Port Allegany will be allocated to eligible non-profit, tax-exempt organizations there.  Davis says that the agencies may see a change in the application and allocation processes, but that the UWBA staff and board will be available to offer assistance and guidance.
“We understand that this will be different for agencies requesting funding, but we feel confident that the expectations are not any that will deter an organization from trying,” said Davis.
“We do have different guidelines to follow, but the requirements are in the best interest of the agency and the donor. People give with the understanding and trust that their generosity will be spent in the best way(s) possible, and we take that responsibility seriously,” she added.