Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unofficial Results From Primary Election In Potter County

Following are unofficial returns from the April 26 Primary Election in Potter County. With all 33 of the county’s precincts reporting, the unofficial vote count is as follows:

Democratic Primary President of the United States: Hillary Clinton 402, Bernie Sanders 557, Roque Rocky De La Fuente 20. United States Senate: Joseph J. Vodvarka 112, John Fetterman 239, Joe Sestak 249, Katie McGinty 373. Pa. Attorney General: John Morganelli 169, Josh Shapiro 445, Stephen A. Zappala Jr. 329. Pa. Auditor General: Eugene A. DePasquale 844. Pa. State Treasurer: Joe Torsella 850. Representative in U.S. Congress (5th District): Kerith Strano Taylor 836.

Republican Primary President of the United States: Ted Cruz 706, Marco Rubio 25, Jeb Bush 29, Ben Carson 46, John R. Kasich 397, Donald J. Trump 2,364; United States Senate: Pat Toomey 2,937. Pa. Attorney General: Joe Peters 1,350, John Rafferty 1,495. Pa. Auditor General: John Brown 2,682. Pa. State Treasurer: Otto Voit 2,681. Representative in U.S. Congress (5th District): Glenn GT Thompson 3,072. Senator in Pa. General Assembly: Joseph B. Scarnati III 3,009. Representative in Pa. General Assembly (67th District; unopposed): Martin T. Causer 3,027; Representative in Pa. General Assembly (68th District; unopposed) Matt Baker, 240.

A statewide voter referendum asks, “Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to abolish the Philadelphia Traffic Court?” Potter County results are: Yes, 1,998; No 1,752. A statewide voter referendum that raises the mandatory retirement age of judges from the current 70 to 75 appeared on the ballot. However, a court ruling declared that the results will be invalid and the issue will likely appear again on the November ballot.

(All results are unofficial until certified by the Potter County Canvassing and Computing Board.)