Thursday, April 14, 2016

Waste Management "opts out" of Allegany County agreement

The Allegany County Landfill in Angelica is set to close in the near future. For the past several months, lawmakers and administrators have been hard at work developing an alternative plan. At its March 28, 2016 meeting, the county legislature approved contracts with Casella Waste Disposal, Steuben County and Waste Management. The plan, supported by most, would allow haulers to take the trash to any of the sites, based primarily on distance. However, the plan has hit a minor snag. The Public Works Committee learned last week that Waste Management has decided to pass on the contract. Officials said they received an email on April 4 from Michael DeClerck of Waste Management stating that "after further consideration they have decided to opt-out entering into a contract with Allegany County for solid waste disposal." The change would likely have the greatest impact on towns in the northwest portion of the county.