Monday, April 11, 2016

Wellsville: Drunk? Behind the wheel? Officer PJ Sherman is waiting

Everyone knows that driving drunk is bad...and illegal. So if you leave a bar, party, anywhere really...and you've been pounding some...chances are good you'll meet Officer P.J. Sherman. This 'Top Cop' works in three jurisdictions in Allegany County, although his primary focus is in Wellsville.
During Monday night's village board meeting, police chief Tim O'Grady said 'PJ' was the county's 'Top Cop.' Again. You see, seven of the last nine years, Officer Sherman has nabbed the greatest number of (alleged) drunk drivers. Sherman travels to Schenectady on May 18th to receive his well deserved praise and honors.
In other cop news...people in Wellsville may do a double take the next few weeks when they see patrol cars pass by. If you think you see a "kid" in the front need to fix your glasses (unless the 'kid' is in the driver seat). Chief O'Grady says his department is helping BOCES students fulfill an 8-hour ride-along requirement. IF, however, the 16 year old wants to handcuff you...probably should call 911! Good luck students and thanks Wellsville PD for helping!