Monday, April 11, 2016

Wellsville official addresses budget issue and related comments

During the past few days, RNN posted a budget story for the village of Wellsville. It drew some wild comments. Today, the village Clerk-Treasurer responded. As we have said before, we have been hesitant of comments, but decided to allow them to allow a flow of thoughts. Our original post, which contained some information from a local newspaper, may have contained some inaccuracies. A village official responds, and we welcome the clarification:

To address a few issues quickly: The village was never going to mail information to each resident...the newspaper reported that incorrectly. The 2016-2017 budget notes to residents are available on the website and at the Village Offices at 156 North Main Street and, I assume, will be shared in the newspaper. We did not feel it was the best use of funds to mail colored charts to each resident. Also, if you have questions please call 585-596-1759. That is my direct line and, as Treasurer, I can answer any questions. For example, the Village of Wellsville web site is up-to-date and I can address related questions if you call (you might need to refresh your browser if you bookmark the page) and over the past 4 years the total we have paid to Plick Enterprises is $15,850 (the business referred to). There were only 2 projects over a thousand dollars and in each case the procurement policy was followed and Plick Enterprises was the only contractor to bid those projects. We have procurement policies we follow per NYS Law and it is a very serious accusation that the Village would circumvent those laws for the personal gain of any elected board member. Once again, if you have a question or see something unusual please feel free to call me so I can answer your question directly.
Earl Johnson, Village Treasurer