Friday, May 13, 2016

Alfred State: Students from Latin American Student Organization travel to NYC

Here at Alfred State College, there is a wide range of organizations located all over campus that each support a different cause. The Latin American Student Organization (LASO), like any other club on campus, is an organization created by a group of students who strive to promote a more informative understanding of the Latin American culture at Alfred State College. These diverse group of students want to help endeavor the opportunities and improvement for personal growth, personal satisfaction and leadership to its members. The president of the organization, is responsible for presiding over all general and executive board meetings, serves as the official representative for the organization, and has a mission on establishing a Latin American community at Alfred. On April 3rd, the entire organization traveled from Alfred State College to City College of New York in Harlem, Manhattan. They visited a Dominican student conference in which all Latin American student clubs around the United States, represented and acknowledged the culture and lifestyle of the Dominican Republic. They succeeded to promote the Latin American culture, as well as enjoying their experience together in New York City.
Anthony Hernandez 
President, LASO