Sunday, May 1, 2016

Alfred: Village Planning Board to consider several proposed actions May 5

Alfred Village Planning Board
Anticipated Agenda
Regular Meeting
May 5, 2016: 7:30 p.m. Village Hall
1: Approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 7, 2016
2: Applications:

A: Application 16-0005 has been received from David Porter on behalf of the Union University Church, the tenant of the Alfred Seventh Day Baptist Church, to make the shared facility easily handicapped accessible. This application was tabled at the April 7, 2016 meeting because the Planning Board felt the application did not indicate the materials to be used and that the Seventh Day Baptist congregation had not discussed the project. Joe Dosch, on behalf of the Union University Church has submitted a revised plan of the wheelchair ramp.

B: An application, no number, has been received from Coral Lambert of 22 South Main Street to build a gravel driveway on her property between her property and 18 South Main Street (Hillel House).

C: Application 16-000-08 has been received from D. Chase Angier and John Laprade to demolish the current garage at 88 South Main Street and build a new garage in its place.

D: Application 16-000-06 has been received from Douglas Brien to change the number of bedrooms at 17 Sayles Street from six to eight.

3: Public comments are limited to three (3) minutes per speaker on a given topic. Items brought to the board during this time will be taken under consideration for further response or action. Total time allotted for this portion of the meeting is 15 minutes.
4: Monthly CEO Report
5: Trustee Report – Peter McClain, Village Trustee
6: Other Business:

A: Memorandum Of Understanding between the Village and the 21st Century Group regarding signs

B: May 11, 2016 – 23rd Annual Local Government Conference at Houghton College

C: In the chair’s absence the June 2, 2016 meeting will be chaired by Sherman Clarke.
7: Motion to adjourn