Thursday, May 26, 2016

Allegany County: Gilbert Green makes sure a pound is a # and a gallon is a gallon!

Gilbert Green is the Director of the Allegany County Department of Weights and Measures. His job may not sound daring and adventurous, but what he does impacts nearly every resident and traveler in Allegany County. For years and years, Green's job has been to make sure that a pound is a pound and a gallon is a gallon. It's all done to protect the consumer, mostly. Almost every day, Gilbert drives around Allegany County to make sure when a store sells you  a pound 'of something,' you're actually getting a pound! Every month, like clockwork, he sends legislators his report...detailing that businesses are treating consumers fairly, or not. It could be potentially one of the more important county positions, yet it rarely makes headlines. Time for that to change. As consumers, we all want to know that we are getting our money's worth. Gilbert makes that happen. So far this month, he has traveled about 900 miles...visiting businesses throughout Allegany County. In his monthly report for May, Gilbert said he is checking gas stations, checking vehicle scales and also has taken petroleum samples.  He has also checked roadside stand scales. The next time you fuel up in Allegany County, look at the gas pump. You'll see a sticker issued by Gilbert, verifying that what you are buying is what you are getting. 'Gilbert's sticker.' Many years ago, I attended one of a slew of county legislature meetings. Gilbert was there to give his annual report and stated, "I'm proud to announce that a pound is still a pound in Allegany County." almost hidden civil servant who works everyday to ensure that consumers get a fair deal...