Friday, May 27, 2016

Allegany County: Planning & Econmic Development Committee minutes - May 18


May 18, 2016


Committee Members Present: D. Root, D. Pullen, J. Hopkins, K. LaForge, C. Crandall
Committee Members Excused:    C. Jessup, D. Healy
Others Present: C. Clark, D. Decker, S. Decker, K. Dirlam, D. Fanton, B. Gamache, K. Graves, G. Hanchett, K. Hollis (Assemblyman Giglio Rep.), J. Margeson, T. Miner, R. Sobeck-Lynch, N. Ungermann, J. Wood

Media Present: B. Quinn, Wellsville Daily Reporter

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Planning & Economic Development Committee Chairman Deb Root.

Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by Legislator Pullen, seconded by Legislator LaForge, and carried to approve the Planning & Economic Development Committee minutes of April 20, 2016.

Economic Development
Monthly Report

Economic Developer Craig Clark submitted his monthly report digitally and discussed highlights of the report.

            Mr. Clark updated the committee on the change to the CFA meeting location.  It is being moved from the Crossroads Center to Alfred State College-Wellsville Campus by a request from Lori Cornell at the Governor’s Office.  The Governor’s Office would like to see the construction on the Advanced Manufacturing Building in progress.  The meeting will be attended by ESD and other state agencies to guide Allegany County participants in the CFA process.

            Mr. Clark briefly spoke on the Select USA Conference slated for June in Washington, D.C.  There is progress on the marketing materials being created for the conference booth and he thanked Chairman Root for all her assistance and doing a great job with the graphic designs.

            Mr. Clark reported that the BDCC (Bio-refinery Development and Commercialization Center) group is in the process of submitting a $4 million EDA grant that has been reviewed by STW and will be reviewed by Senator Schumer and Congressmen Reed’s economic development staff.  Senator Schumer is in support of this grant.

            Mr. Clark reported he will be meeting with Earl Gohl, ARC Federal Co-Chair, and Kyle Wilbur, NYS Department of State, on May 19, 2016, to discuss Wellsville and BDCC eligibility for POWER + ARC $50 million grant process and the $15 million for EDA.  The POWER+ grants focus on the loss of coal businesses including related companies that supply coal-fired plants and industries.  The BDCC is a long term solution across the ARC region.  He noted that Arvos (Air Preheater) could be affected by the coal reduction.

            Mr. Clark attended the Clean Energy 76 West Program at Corning Museum with 24 finalists.  Bio Science, who is part of the BDCC Team, is a semifinalist.  Mr. Clark would like to see at least one of the 24 semifinalists locate to Allegany County or the Southern Tier.   

Industrial Development Agency 

Monthly Report

            Economic Development Consultant Jack Wood pre-filed his report and discussed highlights of the report. 

Mr. Wood reported on the Business, Education, and Government Economic Steering Committee discussed at the April meeting.  Initially there were six volunteers from government, two from business, and only one from education that volunteered to participate. After consulting with Skip Sullivan, John Mulryan, and Dwight Fanton, it was decided that the sub-committee should be equally represented by having three volunteers from each sector for the sole purpose of drafting the initial purpose/structure document.  Accordingly, and with respect to the original Steering Committee members, it was decided to proceed with the following sub-committee members:

Education:           Skip Sullivan; Paul Mills; Charlie Edmondson (Mark Zupan –

   schedule permitting)

Business:             Randy Shayler; John Mulryan; Greg Muscato  

Government:        Dwight Fanton; Dave Pullen; Mike Healy  

Mr. Wood reported on the Park-N-Ride Project stating that weekly project meetings have been initiated.  The RFP phase is scheduled for June with design to be completed and letting phase for construction to be scheduled in July.  The Construction award is anticipated for August/September and construction expected to commence no later than October.
Mr. Wood reported on the I-86/Rte. 19 Interstate Development.  A formal 7-step process has been established to review and prioritize all development activities at the 30-acre site in Belvidere as follows: 

1.     Developers with interest in the I-86 site are welcome.

2.     HVS will provide development consulting along with their official recommendation/position on all proposals.

3.     Hodgson Russ will provide advice and council along with legal recommendation(s) on all proposals.

4.     HVS, Hodgson Russ, and the IDA Chair/CEO will collaborate in advance on all proposals that are expected to be brought before the IDA Board.

5.     IDA Chair/CEO will first take the collaborated proposal, including input/recommendations, to the full legislature in attorney/client sessions to seek consensus PRIOR to asking the IDA Board to vote.

6.     IDA Board will vote after giving consideration to both the Legislator’s input and the recommendations from Hodgson Russ, HVS, and the IDA Chair/CEO.

7.     Hodgson Russ, HVS, and the IDA Chair/CEO will implement accordingly.    

A meeting was held on Tuesday, May 17, between the Town of Friendship government, attorneys, Municipal Solutions, Craig Clark, Kier Dirlam and Jack Wood regarding the waterline between Friendship and Belvidere.  Some new items were discovered regarding the Friendship waterlines, but all are manageable.  There is presently clean water at the site for a diesel and/or food business.  A grant funding plan was discussed with the possibility of underwriting the entire project.  There will be tele-conferencing meetings every Tuesday at 3 p.m. between all parties until the water is turned on.  Mr. Wood will be the contact for this.

Mr. Wood reported on the Crossroads buildings stating the IDA will be looking to sell the buildings upon the completion of the Park-N-Ride Project and building renovations. 

Mr. Wood thanked all who attended the R.S. Maher Open House stating how well attended it was by county-wide guests.  Senator Catharine Young and Legislative Chairman Curt Crandall participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.  R. S. Maher & Son is a great new addition to Allegany County.

Mr. Wood disbursed a Press Release to board members regarding the 30-acre site at Belvidere which was released today nationwide to economic and hotel developers.  The press release will also be sent to Buffalo, Rochester, and area newspapers and magazines.  All three presidents of the local colleges, Alfred University, Alfred State and Houghton, have made written statements for developers on the need of a hotel in our county.  Mr. Wood stated that between the three colleges, we house 7,000 students and the Kerr-Pegula Complex in Houghton attracts visitors with their events.  Statistics show that parents of college students and visitors to the area have to search outside our bordering counties for lodging as well.  Legislator Decker commented that he attended a Tea Party meeting where they discussed the same issue regarding JCC and St. Bonaventure campuses and the lack of lodging for their colleges as well.    

Office of Planning 

Monthly Report

            Director of Planning Kier Dirlam pre-filed his monthly report and discussed highlights of the report.

Mr. Dirlam wanted to remind all that the ARC applications are due and if your town or village has a project to call Kim at Southern Tier West.  Applications will be reviewed at the June STW board meeting and projects will be prioritized for funding.

            The Planning and Tourism offices set up a booth at the annual Local Government Conference held in Houghton on May 11.  Over 300 people attended with about 25 vendors and many speakers.  This event presents the opportunity for our office to meet our local town and village board members and disseminate tourism information to surrounding counties, government officials, and community volunteers.

            There will be Comp Plan School meeting next week with the Towns and Villages of Alfred and Wellsville to collate their materials gathered so far.  Mr. Dirlam is working with the Town and Village of Almond on their Comp Plan and there are infrastructure issues in the Almond area.
MOE – CFA (Consolidated Funding Applications)         

Mr. Dirlam requested approval for the two priority project applications for EDA funding.  The first priority is the Friendship-Belvidere Waterline Project and the second priority is the Bio-refinery Development and Commercialization Center (BDCC) Project.  Chairman Crandall questioned the timeline to meet the requirements for the June meeting at STW.  Mr. Dirlam said it would not be an issue.

Chairman Root entertained a motion to approve the Consolidated Funding Applications.  A motion was made by Legislator Hopkins, seconded by Legislator Pullen, and carried 4-0 w/2 absent (Jessup and Healy).  PREPARE RESOLUTION

New Planning Board Member

            Planning & Economic Development Committee Chairman Root entertained a motion to appoint John Roederer of Houghton, New York, as board member of the Allegany County Planning Board for a three-year term commencing immediately and expiring December 31, 2018, subject to confirmation by the Board of Legislators.   A motion was made by Legislator Pullen, seconded by Legislator Hopkins, and carried 4-0 w/2 absent (Jessup and Healy).  PREPARE RESOLUTION

            Mr. Dirlam announced that Planning Board member Robert Ellis, District II, recently passed away.  Bob served on the board for 10 years and the Board will be looking for a new member soon.

Greater Allegany Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Report

            Greater Allegany Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gretchen Hanchett pre-filed her monthly report and discussed highlights.

            The Tourism office continues to work on the Amish Trail and map.  The TourBlend app is now available, which is a regional project with Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties.

            Ms. Hanchett will attend the 8-county branding meeting on Monday, May 23.   She and Steve Havey also attended the NYS Tourism Conference from May 1-4 where Gavin Landry, NYS Executive Director of Tourism, asked her to speak on behalf of the Fire Ball Run marketing efforts. NYS will now promote our region through this event, and Mr. Landry feels it is important to have Governor Cuomo at the kick-off in September.  Ms. Hanchett and Legislator Root gave a Fire Ball presentation to the Belfast Lions group on April 28.

            Ms. Hanchett will be meeting with Steuben and Finger Lakes tourism on ways to work together. 

            Ms. Hanchett connected with a web company “Wanderu” that connects visitors with transportation access all throughout New York State.  (Rails, buses, etc.)  Go to website and type in an event or location and Wanderu shows you how to get there which is another avenue to pull visitors into our area.

            Ms. Hanchett met with the “Tough Mudders” management team, Robyn Pigozzi and Courtney Ellis, who plan on using more local businesses this year.  The event will be held the first weekend in August.

            The Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce is hosting Business after Hours on May 28 at 5pm at the Houghton College Kerr-Pegula Sports Complex to kick off the NYCBL Season Opener between the Genesee Rapids and Wellsville Nitros at 7 p.m.  See Gretchen or call the Chamber office to reserve tickets to the ballgame.

Employment & Training

Monthly Report

            Employment & Training Director Reita Sobeck-Lynch pre-filed her monthly report and disbursed an updated report to include the DSS report.

MOE – Funding Appropriation

Ms. Sobeck-Lynch requested a resolution to increase budget appropriations for the acceptance of an additional $2,892 in TANF Summer Youth Funding.  Chairman Root entertained a motion to accept the funding and appropriate as stated in the Memorandum of Explanation.  A motion was made by Legislator LaForge, seconded by Legislator Pullen, and carried 4-0, w/2 absent.  Refer to Ways & Means.

Ms. Sobeck-Lynch reported that two individuals who were in the TEAP program now have full-time jobs.

There will be a Job/Career Fair at Good Times in Olean on June 17.  This job fair will focus on businesses that actually have jobs available.

There have been 143 summer job applications for youth with income limit qualifications.  Businesses have been contacted for placing youth in work experience and staff is currently working on verifying incomes.  There was an increase in funding to offset the increase in minimum wage.

Ms. Sobeck-Lynch has been attending weekly Economic Development Team meetings and compiling data on workforce development for the website and information to take to the upcoming Select USA conference.  Chairman Root questioned last month’s report which stated 29 new businesses opened and what exactly did this reflect.   Ms. Sobeck-Lynch reported that the statistic reflects a new business as one that is local and not working with any other counties. 

A reminder that Wellsville Chamber Business after Hours is tonight from 5-7 p.m.  All were encouraged to attend and support Jordan Aftuck who is a local photographer with a successful business.           

A reminder that the “Swinging to the Oldies” event is Saturday, May 21.  Tickets are available at the door or see Reita.

Old Business None to report.

New Business No further business to report.

Good of the Order None to report.


            There being no further business to come before the Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m. following a motion by Legislator LaForge, seconded by Legislator Hopkins, and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathleen Whitfield, Confidential Secretary to the Director of Planning

Acting Recording Secretary