Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Andover students kick cancer in the can - Tribune/Reporter

By Kathryn Ross
Daily Reporter

ANDOVER — It’s good to help others, Andover students agreed, after they contributed $865.11 to Allegany County Cancer Services Monday.

After receiving the checks and cash Lori Ballengee, chair of Allegany County Cancer Services (ACCS) said, “It is just phenomenal when kids give back to the community.”

The kids, sophomores Hunter Greene and Alexus McCollough, teamed up for their fourth-quarter community service project assignment under the watch of their Introduction to Occupations teacher Zach Owens.

Greene said they chose to raise money for ACCS because he has had a close family member die from cancer.

He, along with Principal Jon Morris, said Greene’s aunt, Marty Boyer, passed away from cancer last year.

“She had worked here for more than 30 years as secretary to the principal and as the receptionist,” Morris said.McCollough said they chose ACCS to benefit from their fund raising because, “It is a local agency and all the money it receives stays local.”

Greene’s and McCollough’s fund-raising efforts were bolstered by an unexpected contribution from their fellow class members. Class President Logan Graham delivered a $50 check to the duo Monday morning. He said, “We thought that we would help them out.”

The check from the class was earned through class projects to raise funds for their senior prom, graduation and their senior class trip.

From April 18 to May 2, Greene and McCollough collected funds in cans labeled with the slogan, “Kick Cancer in the Can” and placed at Maier’s Market, Steve’s Gas and Grub Hub, Hair It Is and throughout the school.

McCollough said she was surprised that they raised so much money while Greene added, “I feel good to be able to help out a good cause. If you can help out others you should.”

The threesome presented the check to Ballengee Monday morning.

“You have no idea how this is going to help others,” Ballengee told them and said, “We give out gas cards to people who have to travel for cancer treatment. We really do appreciate your contribution and it will help people get to the treatment they need. I’m very proud of you.”

Allegany County Cancer Services was established in 2006 by Ballengee after she underwent cancer treatment. It assists Allegany County residents only by providing funds which allow them to travel to receive cancer treatments. To date, it has served 452 county residents by providing $190,000 in services. Less than 3 percent of the money ACCS receives from fundraisers, individuals and businesses goes toward the organization’s cost. All the workers are volunteers. Click the link for more...

Andover students kick cancer in the can