Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bath fire department gets federal grant

Bath Volunteer Fire Department Chief Joe Washburn is pleased to announce that the department received a federally funded 2014 “Assistance to Firefighters Grant” (AFG) in the amount of $269,000 which was to fund 95% of a project for personal protective gear that totaled $284,500. The additional 5% was funded by the Bath Volunteer Fire Department budget. This grant addressed two specific areas. The first area was the purchase of 32 Scott Air Packs and bottles. Over the last 5 months training has been completed on the new packs and they have been placed into service. The second area addressed was the purchase of 27 complete sets of Firefighter Turnout Gear. This gear includes new helmets, boots gloves, protective hoods, PBI coats and bunker pants as well as emergency bail out kits with rope and descending devices which was issued to members that are interior firefighters.
A class was held in January on the 29th to the 31st on the new bailout kits where 23 firefighters received training and had to demonstrate their skills by bailing out of the second story window of the training center both with and without airpacks on. Bath firefighters are excited to obtain this new gear and airpacks and feel they will benefit greatly with this equipment and training. In the last 8 years The Bath Volunteer Fire Department has received both New York State and Fereral grant funds totaling $689,133. These funds allow us to purchase equipment that helps us protect our community and neighboring communities without posing a burden on our local property taxes.
This grant was the result of 2 years of work by the principle grant writer, Bath Firefighter Glen Miller who is the retired Yates County Fire Coordinator. Glen was assisted in the process by Dave Dowdle, Matt Morse, Corey Zydanowicz and Anthony Cilino. These individuals, along with Jeff Robinson, David Farr Jr., Matt Glashauser, Brian Lewis, Chris Kincella, Mark Conrad, Joe Washburn and Robin Havens assisted in developing the specifications of the new turnout gear and the selection process.
The department has also submitted applications for 2 more grants from the 2015 AFG Federal Grant Program. The first for a commercial washer and 2 different gear dryers to help maintain the turnout gear we own and to replace some of the fire hose and all of the nozzles the fire department uses. The second is for a new Aerial Ladder truck to replace the 29 year old 100 foot ladder truck currently in service. These two grants total $1,028,000.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Conrad Sr.
Public Information Officer
The Bath Volunteer Fire Dept.