Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cuba bus accident DRILL called a great learning experience

There were two accidents involving Oswayo-Valley school buses Friday afternoon. 7 people were hurt in one of the crashes and the bus driver was ticketed. On Saturday, there was a reported bus rollover in Cuba. That one, however, was just a drill…even though the 911 Center said it was never told about the drill. Nearly half the ambulances in Allegany County responded to the pretend event, as did two helicopters and first responders from Portville and Hinsdale. The drill was a simulated 'mass casualty incident' and designed to test how well responders could handle an event with large-scale, critical and less severe injuries. The Portville fire department called the drill "a great learning experience" and a great chance to work alongside 1st responders they don't typically interact with.