Thursday, May 5, 2016

Graduating class plants apple orchard at Houghton College

HOUGHTON, NY (May 5, 2016) - On April 23, the newest feature at the Houghton College campus was installed between Steese Cottage and the Chamberlain Athletic Center tennis courts. It wasn’t built, however; it was planted.
As their parting gift, the class of 2016 has installed a 22-tree apple orchard at the crown of campus. The orchard contains five different kinds of apples that, once they mature, will be open for consumption by the students and community and for use by dining services.
The apple orchard was one of two choices for a gift presented by the class and won out overwhelmingly. The senior class subsequently donated the majority of the funds needed for the project along with support from the Alumni, Advancement and Sustainability Offices.
“It’s a terrific idea,” said Evan Szymanski ’16. “It meshes with the college’s sustainability goals, of course, but there’s also something soothing about walking into an orchard and eating an apple you picked with your own hands. Students will be able to benefit from that for generations.”
The class of 2016 will bid adieu to Houghton on May 14. Their legacy will remain on the hill, however, providing delicious apples for generations to come.