Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jones Memorial Honors 2015 Care Champions

At Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville, a Care Champion is someone – employee or volunteer – who goes above and beyond what is expected and demonstrates caring and commitment to patients and to co-workers. Naming the Care Champion of the Year is one of the highlights of the Hospital Week celebration at Jones Memorial Hospital.
In choosing the Care Champion of the Year, the administrative team reviews the quarterly award winners. There were five worthy candidates to choose from, including one set of co-champs. “This year was exceptionally difficult,” said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial. “Each of the Care Champions had such heart-felt stories and are exemplary examples of what a Care Champion is.” So, for the first time in the history of the program, all of the candidates were selected. The 2015 Care Champions of the Year are:
  • Jason Brew, Phone Tech in the IT Department. Jason was named a Care Champion for helping a patient in need. After noticing an elderly lady who was unsteady, he got her a wheelchair, took her to the third floor for her appointment, picked her up from there and took her to the lab for tests. All in all, it was several hours out of Jason’s very busy day, noted Alicia Johnson, his boss and the one who nominated him, but it is very much in character. Jason enjoys helping people.
  • Teresa Gaston of Human Resources. Teresa was honored for rising to the occasion when a woman she knew as a patient of our hospital needed a friend. The woman’s husband had just passed away in the Emergency Room and Teresa stayed by her side through the ordeal of viewing the body and waited with her until family members arrived. Nancy Wilson, who nominated Teresa, explained that this is an example of her kindness and compassion.
  • Cortni Monroe, Physician Assistant. Cortni was named a Care Champion for the compassion she demonstrated when she came to the rescue of an elderly patient. It looked like the patient, who wanted to go home, was going to have to be admitted because he needed oxygen and the insurance company could not clear the expense because it was a Friday evening. Cortni volunteered to pay for the oxygen from her own pocket so that he could go home. Jason Hunt and Jan Riesman nominated Cortni for this award because it is just one example of her dedication to patient care.  
  • Carrie Slocum of Laboratory Services. Carrie earned her Care Champion award after coming in when the laboratory’s two chemistry analyzers went down. It was a very busy night in the Emergency Department and Carrie’s ability to diagnose the problem and fix the equipment quickly was vital to patient care. According to Elizabeth Kubiak, who nominated Carrie, this is just one example of Carrie’s dedication to her fellow employees and patients. She often works late and is the first one to volunteer when the lab is short-handed. What a great team player!
  • Elizabeth Stadelman of the Food and Nutrition Department. Lizz was honored for her caring attitude. Working in the food line in the JMH cafeteria, Lizz overheard a woman say she was hungry but didn’t have any money. Lizz immediately offered to buy the woman lunch, an offer the woman gratefully accepted. Kristin Ives, who nominated Lizz, said she is known for her warmth and kindness with everyone – visitors, patients, and co-workers.
“As a hospital, we are in the business of caring and these five individuals are wonderful examples of that commitment,” said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial. “I am very proud of our team.” Each of the five Care Champions of the Year received a jacket embroidered with the new UR|Jones Memorial Hospital logo. Congratulations for each of you.