Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moving Vietnam Wall Memorial to visit Hornell area - traffic issue expected

The Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall will be at Arkport Cycles between June 2 and June 6.  The Wall is expected to draw large numbers of visitors, including many veterans’ motorcycle clubs.  Access to the Wall will be round-the-clock, but the largest numbers of visitors are expected during daylight hours.  There will be a memorial service on June 2 at 6:30 PM and speakers describing their war experiences at 10:00 AM on each day.

Travelers are advised to be alert for delays related to the large volume of motorcycle traffic entering the Wall venue on NY 36 between Hornell and Arkport.  Traffic leaving the venue will be routed to Airport Road.  Travelers over a larger area are also advised to anticipate large motorcycle groups using secondary roads leading to the venue, such as NY 19, NY 21, NY 36, NY 248, NY 248A, and NY 417.