Thursday, May 12, 2016

State Police announce the expansion to Troop E Headquarters

Canandaigua - The Troop E Forensic Identification, Evidence Storage Building will be the new home of the Troop’s Forensic Identification Unit, Collision
Reconstruction Unit and Computer Crime Unit. Nine (9) Investigators, two
(2) Senior Investigators along with one (1) Trooper (Evidence Assistant)
and two (2) civilian support staff will be assigned to the new building.
The building is needed as these units have outgrown their current office
space and evidence vault. With the advances in technology and increases
in computer related crimes, larger office space and a much larger evidence
vault is needed to house evidence collected from the ten (10) county region
which they serve.
Some key features of the new building include:
- An evidence receiving area where outside agencies can submit
evidence for latent print processing as well as digital evidence for
forensic computer analysis.
- A state of the art fingerprint processing laboratory
- A forensic computer analysis laboratory
- A 2,000 square foot evidence vault which includes a walk in
refrigerator and walk in freezer to store DNA evidence
- A 1,600 square foot “cold storage” area to properly store long term
- Specialized rooms for storing drugs, firearms and other hazardous
- A forensic garage for vehicle processing
- A Stationary Evidence Preservation System (SEPS) unit to properly
dry and preserve biological evidence
All of these things are needed to help the State Police meet our current
and future needs in law enforcement.