Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Steuben supports state Senate bill allowing flexibility for public defense arraignments

BATH -- Steuben County legislators Monday officially backed a state bill to give counties more flexibility in the location of arraignments. The bill, now in the state Senate, would allow localities to hold "off-hour" arraignments in specific locations, with the potential of rotating sites. The state measure is in response to a recent state appellate court decision requiring public defenders to be present at the arraignment of qualifying defendants. However, in some counties like Steuben -- which are geographically large with numerous local courts -- the requirement could be costly and highly inefficient. The state Senate bill would allow Steuben to partner with the county Magistrate’s Association, county Bar Association and others to develop a more effective, cost-efficient plan, supporters of the state bill said. In other action, the county Legislature:
*Approved a proposal allowing the county Commissioner of Finance and other county officers appointed by the county manager to receive delinquent tax payments through the internet.
*Approved changing the official name of 0.4 miles of County Route 73, (between C.R. 115 in Lindley and C.R. 116), to Morgan Creek Road. The name change was requested by the Town of Board.
*Authorized the distribution of mortgage tax receipts.